Behind the Scenes of Disney “Playmation”

Embassy Disney Playmation | STASH MAGAZINE

Vancouver VFX house The Embassy reveal their extensive and detailed efforts behind this ambitious web film for Playmation, Disney’s new line of wearable tech toys and connected apps featuring Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars. [Read more]

Dvein + Trizz: Alagoas “Ghosts”

Dvein_Alagoas Ghosts | STASH MAGAZINE

The Dvein directing crew teams with fellow Barcelonians and CG/VFX specialists Trizz, plus Madrid VFX shop Lanczos to explore the dangers of drinking extraterrestrial psychotropic fluids in this new music video for “Ghosts” from Brooklyn band Alagoas. [Read more]

Patrick Clair Interview: True Detective Season 2 Titles

Patrick Clair True Detective HBO | STASH MAGAZINE

Turns out HBO’s critically acclaimed and relentlessly gritty True Detective series is an anthology. So if the cast, location and narrative arcs all change each season, how do you handle the titles – especially if you won the Outstanding Main Title Design Emmy for the first season? [Read more]

CANAL+ “L’expérience Cube S”

Partizan_Canal+ | STASH MAGAZINE

Partizan director Antoine Bardou Jacquet, Paris VFX masters Mathematic and agency BETC exploit your expectations of well-worn sci-fi tropes to jolt the Cube S set-top box from Canal+ into your consciousness. [Read more]

Sony PlayStation Vue Protects You Against Phone Zombies

MJZ Frederik Bond Sony Vue | STASH MAGAZINE

MJZ director Frederik Bond and The Mill crew in LA help Sony launch its PlayStation Vue streaming TV service with a snappy, VFX-fueled :60 tempting their built in audience of PS3 and PS4 users to try the cable alternative which promises users will be able to purchase only the channels they want. Agency: Johannes Leonardo. [Read more]

Taichi Kimura and Rapparu: Grades “King”

Kimura_Grades King | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Laika Takasu, Japanese school girl turned anime monster-blasting, smile-inducing, dance sensation. Shot in Chichibu, Japan by London-based director Taichi Kimura with animation by Rapparu for the ultra-poppy Grades track “King.” [Read more]