Autofuss: Making the 2015 YouTube Music Awards Launch Film

AutoFuss YouTube Music Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Discover how Autofuss director/CD Tarik Abdel-Gawad and director of photography Joe Picard harness the scan ray problem often encountered while filming lasers to create in-camera floating architectural elements and typography made of light for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards Launch Film. [Read more]

Interview: Jean-Paul Frenay, OFFF Quebec Titles 2015


Belgium-based director/CD/artist Jean-Paul Frenay talks to Stash about the brooding and ambitious titles he created for the second edition of the OFFF Festival in Quebec with VFX help from the Paris branch of Prodigious [Read more]

Ben&Julia: Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper “COOKIE JAR”

Ben&Julia_Traffic SIgns | STASH MAGAZINE

Berlin’s French-Swiss director/AD duo Ben&Julia unleash a maximalist romp of confection-colored strangeness and fun, starring Bronx-born Jacob Dove Basker (aka Jake The Rapper), that defies any further description – or words in general. Suggest just watching. [Read more]

Let Mischa Rozema Transport You to “SUNDAYS”

PostPanic Rozema Sundays | STASH MAGAZINE

Back in June 2014 Stash featured the trailer for Mischa Rozema‘s ambitious science-fiction project called “SUNDAYS,” which went on to raise $50K on Kickstarter. The cash was used to create this stunning 15-minute proof of concept short designed to grab the attention of Hollywood and financing for the full feature-length production. [Read more]

Limon Estudios: Adidas “There Will be Haters”

Frenzy Paris_Adidas | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabulous rant for Adidas soccer boots based on a script by agency Iris Worldwide, assembled by Spanish director Ernest Desumbila thru Frenzy Paris with VFX/post by Limon Estudios in Barcelona and starring footballers Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale. [Read more]

Ben West Loses His Head Over “FUGU & TAKO”

Ben West Fugu & Tako | STASH MAGAZINE

Ben West, currently creative director at Framestore LA, just released the full version of his phenomenal sushi comedy “FUGU & TAKO” for your viewing pleasure. The doc-style buddy film (exploring the perils and unexpected pleasures of eating live puffer fish) and the perfectly realized VFX were created [Read more]