Wildlife Conservation Film Festival “Dream”

wcff dream | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Studio in São Paulo, Brazil make a brazen grab for your heartstrings in this promo for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (NYC, October 17-24) with a mix of utopian and tragic imagery powered by the drama of the Les Misérables track “I Dreamed a Dream.” [Read more]

Fx Goby: “End Youth Homelessness”


Nexus director Fx Goby animates stencil graffiti to raise awareness of the 80,000 young people in the UK who find themselves in dire circumstances both at home or on the streets in this stark and powerful online film for UK charity End Youth Homelessness. [Read more]

Seed and 26 Directors Say “Check ‘em”

Breast Cancer Check 'em | STASH MAGAZINE

London animation studio Seed gathers wildly disparate micro-animations from 26 directors in this cheeky and eclectic 30-second spot encouraging women to “Check ‘em” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. [Read more]

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2016 Trailer

Juice Trojan Horse | STASH MAGAZINE

Warsaw studio Juice teams with VFX pioneer/icon Scott Ross (creative producer and narrator) to conjure much drama and volumetric atmosphere in this mix of live action and CG for the fourth edition of Portugal-based digital art event Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. [Read more]

Stash 119: A Full-frontal Blast of Inspiration

From crazed hand-crafted animation and innovative stop-motion to complex VFX and intense 3D projects, Stash 119 delivers a full course of inspiring motion projects, PLUS 28 minutes of behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

Ringan Ledwidge and The Mill: Audi “Duel”


One bright spot in the otherwise cringe-inducing first presidential debate of 2016, was the launch of another man vs woman “Duel” in the form of this :90 blast of action for Audi from Rattling Stick director Ringan Ledwidge with invisible VFX from The Mill. [Read more]