Bruno Aveillan and Fix Studio “French Road Safety: Shockwave”

Quad Bruno Aveillan | STASH MAGAZINE

Paris post house Fix Studio and Quad director Bruno Aveillan infuse this French Road Safety spot with a poetic visual chaos that both counters and compliments the emotional punch-in-the-gut delivered by the script from French agency La Chose. [Read more]

Brand New School: No More “Text Talk”

Brand New School No More | STASH MAGAZINE

Brand New School and Grey New York convey visceral tension with the most unassuming of graphic treatments in this PSA for anti-domestic violence org No More running on Super Bowl 50. [Read more]

Patrick Clair: HITMAN “World of Assassination” Trailer

Elastic_Hitman | STASH MAGAZINE

Ominous new trailer from Elastic director Patrick Clair for the March 2016 release of HITMAN: The World of Assassination, an episodic game experience with a major live component designed to unfold over multiple seasons. [Read more]

weareseventeen: Feeling Good about Sandwiches

Weareseventeen Feel Good Bakery | STASH MAGAZINE

London design and motion house weareseventeen help spread the word about UK charity The Feel Good Bakery who employ disenfranchised youth to make the sandwiches they cater to local businesses with all profits going to feed children in Africa and Romania as well as helping the recent wave of Europe-bound refugees. [Read more]

Hangin’ in the Rack House with Mila Kunis and Jim Beam

The Works Jim Beam | STASH MAGAZINE

Part of the global positioning campaign for Jim Beam by The Works Sydney designed to “recruit Millennials and enable them (over time) to charge a premium for their bourbon.” Shot at the Red Studios in LA by SuperPrime director Eli Sverdlov with solid VFX work by Sydney studio Fin. [Read more]

Jean-Paul Gaultier “Welcome to the Factory”

Jean-Paul Gaultier Welcome to the Factory | STASH MAGAZINE

UK artist/photographer Miles Aldridge teams with Barcelona visionaries Dvein to laser target the most primal areas your brain (as well as your sense of political correctness) in this stunner for Jean-Paul Gaultier with post by Mikros Image and production by Stink Paris thru agency Mlle Noi. [Read more]