Loop and El Grand Camacho Rock Garorock

Gararock Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

Check this impossible-to-ignore animated spot from Moscow motion house Loop and Mexican character designer El Grand Camacho for the massive Garorock music fest taking over rural Marmande in south-western France this summer.
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Spectacular Sky Arts Rebrand IDs via MPC

Sky Arts Rebrand | STASH MAGAZINE

Part of a full rebrand for UK culture-oriented TV channel Sky Arts, these 25-second IDs from MPC in London mix live action and VFX to “visualize the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary through color.” [Read more]

UNICEF’s “Sofia” Speaks for 250 Million Children

Edelman Sofia | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Sofia, a 3D amalgam of 500 actual children trapped in crisis situations all over the planet, their faces merged into a scared and vulnerable young girl created for UNICEF Sweden by Stockholm agency Edelman Deportivo and Swedish VFX facility Pixel Grinder. [Read more]

Takashi Ohashi and error403 for Arts Council Tokyo

error403_Arts Council Tokyo | STASH MAGAZINE

Populated by impossibly cute and enigmatic characters, this frenetic promotional animation called “Zoning Tokyo” for Arts Council Tokyo was directed by Takashi Ohashi with character design and animation by Japanese manga artist and illustrator error403. [Read more]

MvsM, Fujiwara, Hatfield and Parker for Nike Air Max

ManvsMachine Nike Air Max | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine construct a series of delightful kinetic CG sculptures based on the work of sneaker design superstars Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker to help Nike fans mark Air Max Day 2016. [Read more]

TED+FLO: Head Over Heels for Hornbach

Heimat_Partizan Hornbach | STASH MAGAZINE

Berlin creative production duo TED+FLO (VFX super + CD) help Partizan director Tom Noakes realize his curious/hilarious vision of a large man falling down a steep mountain and enjoying every last sensual second. [Read more]