Merc Meets ANL: Kool Keith X MF Doom “SuperHero”

Kool keith super hero | STASH MAGAZINE

The Aardman Nathan Love crew blow right past their regular 3D character animation parking space to join director Kris Merc in the pop-culture passing lane with this seizure-inducing torrent of multimedia disguised as the music video for Kool Keith X MF Doom ‘”Super Hero’.” [Read more]

Julian Ticona Cuba & Johnny BANG Reilly: “NIGHTFALL”

nightfall short film| STASH MAGAZINE

Julian Ticona Cuba, one half of the German creative team known as Noise (with Daniel Bartels) weaves sombre and mysterious visuals with the hypnotic poetry of UK wordsmith Johnny BANG Reilly in this director’s cut of “Nightfall” for Universal Music. [Read more]

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival “Dream”

wcff dream | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Studio in São Paulo, Brazil make a brazen grab for your heartstrings in this promo for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (NYC, October 17-24) with a mix of utopian and tragic imagery powered by the drama of the Les Misérables track “I Dreamed a Dream.” [Read more]

Why We Made “Borrowed Time”

borrowed-time-short-film | STASH MAGAZINE

Join Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj for a look into how they challenged current expectations of animation with their CG short film “Borrowed Time,” an emotional sledgehammer with music by Gustavo Santaolalla (“Brokeback Mountain,” “Babel”) and awarded Best in Show at SIGGRAPH 2016. [Read more]

Deep in the Trenches with “Poilus”

isart_poilus | STASH MAGAZINE

The French word poilus (hairy one) is a term of endearment for a French WWI infantryman and provides the title for this emotional, atmospheric and ambitious graduation film created by seven students at ISART DIGITAL, the Paris-based video game and 3D animation school. [Read more]

Pierre Michel-Estival “Prayer 9″

Pierre michel-estival_prayer-9 | STASH MAgAZINE

Buckle up. French VFX vet Pierre Michel-Estival (who is now based in LA and repped by Digital Domain) just released “Prayer 9,” his spectacular short film and feature film proof of concept “set in the near future where reality is obsolete.” [Read more]