Alberto Mielgo Love, Death Robots Jibaro Animatic | STASH MAGAZINE

Alberto Mielgo Shares Love, Death & Robots “Jibaro” Animatic

For many Love, Death & Robots fans, Alberto Mielgo’s “Jibaro” – a boundary-pushing CG tale of a siren and a deaf knight – was the high point of season 3. And now we have a glimpse into the Spanish direct/animator’s creative process with the release of this animatic segment used during production of the final 15-minute film. [Watch]

Love Death & Robots Season 3 | STASH MAGAZINE

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 – All the Directors and Films

The third season of David Fincher and Tim Miller’s much-loved (and lauded) adult animated anthology Love, Death & Robots drops on Netflix May 20th showcasing nine new films including work from Oscar winners Patrick Osbourne and Alberto Mielgo plus Buck, Axis Animation, and Fincher and Miller themselves. [Watch]

Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Pinkman Watch Dogs Legion Tipping Point Alberto Mielgo | STASH MAGAZINE

Pinkman Unleashes Watch Dogs: Legion “Tipping Point” Trailer

New work by iconoclast Spanish director/animator/painter Alberto Mielgo (aka Pinkman) is always exciting news, especially when the project takes the form of a visceral, life and death chase through near-future London. [Watch]

The Windshield Wiper short film trailer by Alberto Mielgo | STASH MAGAZINE

First Full Trailer for Alberto Mielgo’s “The Windshield Wiper”

Alberto Mielgo (aka Pinkman), who recently directed the spectacular “Witness” episode of Love, Sex, and Robots on Netflix, burst onto the Stash radar back in 2010 with three short films and ended up on the cover of Stash 66. [Watch]