Michael Hays "The Way (feat. Eric Heywood)" Music Video by Emanuele Kabu | STASH MAGAZINE

Michael Hays “The Way (feat. Eric Heywood)” Music Video by Emanuele Kabu

Italian director/animator Emanuele Kabu, who perked up the depths of January 2018 with his Winterplay “Jazz Foo Foo” video, is back with more mesmerizing abstractions in this new work for American singer-songwriter Michael Hays. [Read more]

Stash 127 is Here and Yes, it’s Amazing

Stash 127 has landed and that means 31 more brilliant projects (plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews) just made their way into the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]


Winterplay “Jazz Foo Foo” Music Video by Emanuele Kabu

Emanuele Kabu, an Italian animator and music video director based in London weaves an hypnotic stream of textures, geometry, and color in the video for “Jazz Foo Foo” by South Korean pop-jazz group Winterplay. [Read more]