Apple Peak Performance Tomorrow Bureau James Brocklebank | STASH MAGAZINE

Apple “Peak Performance” Brand Films by Tomorrow Bureau

From the team at Tomorrow Bureau in London: “Apple work at the vanguard of creativity. We partnered with them to develop an original artwork designed to propel our creative practice forward to new levels of complexity and detail.” [Watch]

Patchwork Brand Film Compilation by James Brocklebank | STASH MAGAZINE

Patchwork Brand Film Compilation by James Brocklebank

Designer/director James Brocklebank in London: “I directed several films for [collaborative funding platform] Patchwork to try and encapsulate the vast scope of gifts and experiences they cover, with their own inimitable sense of fun and style.” [Watch]

Stash 137 inspiration and insight | STASH MAGAZINE
Koop Craft CG brand film by James Brocklebank | STASH MAGAZINE

Koop “Craft” Brand Film by James Brocklebank

London designer/director James Brocklebank complements the fine bespoke craftsmanship of UK furniture designers and makers Koop with two films featuring his own talents for immaculate and tasteful CG animation. [Watch]

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