Cofidis “Prejudice: Women have no sense of direction!”


Passion Paris director Jack Antoine Charlot and agency Herezie extend the fun of the “Prejudice” campaign for French financial services provider Cofidis with more snappy animation and great character work. [Read more]

Adult Swim Games’ “Tofu Hunter”

Adult Swim_Tofu Hunter | STASH MAGAZINE

Finally, an inclusive first person shooter – designed for both vegans and all those who mock them mercilessly. The happy carnage of Adult Swim Games’ “Tofu Hunter” comes to you courtesy of the design, character and comedy chops of Atlanta studio Awesome Incorporated. [Read more]

“Golan the Insatiable” Trailer


Fox’s new take on the lovable-outsider-teams-with-supernatural-entity genre looks promising. “Golan the Insatiable,” produced by Augenblick Studios in Brooklyn, started as a series of shorts on Animation Domination High-Def, Fox’s late night spawning ground for new primetime content. [Read more]

Jack of All Trades in “The Butcher”

Cirkus_The Butcher | Stash Magazine

Director Romain Borrel and the crew at Cirkus in New Zealand show off their character design/animation skills as well as a preference for extreme cartoon mayhem in “The Butcher,” the second episode of their Jack of All Trades series. [Read more]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Night to Remember” from DIGIC

DIGIC_Witcher 3 Wild Hunt | STASH MAGAZINE

Moments like the one seen above, found in the teaser called “A Night to Remember” for CD PROJEKT’s long-anticipated game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is why we rank Budapest’s DIGIC Pictures as one of the top three game cinematic studios on the planet. [Read more]

Treat Studios’ Adult Swim IDs. Yikes.

Treat Studios_Adult Swim | STASH MAGAZINE

If there’s one thing to learn from Adult Swim IDs it’s never underestimate the power of shock tempered with humor. Case in point: This new batch of idents from Treat Studios in London built around a theme of transformation. [Read more]