Noodle Finds Perspective Where 2D and 3D Meet in “Origin” Short Film

Following on the quirky charm of his 2023 short film Ripe, Noodle founder/CD Doug Alberts just dropped us his latest motion experiment called Origin, a snappy meditation on perspective and the boundary between 2D and 3D. [Watch]

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Ripe Short film by Noodle | STASH MAGAZINE

Noodle’s New Short film is “Ripe” for the Picking

CD Doug Alberts and his crew at Noodle in Chicago dial up the whimsy knob to 11 in this new in-house short combining 2D, 3D, and cel animation into a charming and cheerful exploration of pure fun. [Watch]

Noodle Animation Melatonin Gummies | STASH MAGAZINE

Noodle Rescues Melatonin Gummies from Production Purgatory

Owner/CD Doug Alberts at Noodle Animation in Chicago: “We were approached by our favorite (secret) Melatonin Gummy brand to educate on the benefits of getting a full night’s rest. Although this project got the axe late in production, we decided to finish it ourselves. [Watch]

The DMV Song by Doug Alberts and Noodle | STASH MAGAZINE

“The DMV Song” by Doug Alberts and Noodle

Before a recent jaunt to his local Department of Motor Vehicles, director/animator Doug Alberts could have just griped and complained like the rest of us but chose instead to spin the “personalities, funny smells, and paperwork” into a smile-inducing song and music video. [Watch]