The Fine Art of Explaining Sports

Nobody explains sports like animator/director/writer Fraser Davidson and the crew at Cub Studios in London. The breezy wit and rant-like pacing keep your interest even through the most arcane details while the vibrant palette and playful art direction help expand the visual appeal beyond hardcore sports fans. [Read more]

Artist: Jesse Vartanian Agency: Viewpoint Creative Info from Vartanian: “These are style frames for an ESPN Deportes promo. 3D composited into live action footage.” [Read more]

Artists: John Koltai, Eun KimStudio: Perception NYC Info from Koltai: “These were initial concept frames for an ESPN promo of their British Open coverage. The initial pitch involved a number of different directions but the client really responded to the idea of the golf course itself being represented as a work of art. Initially we […] [Read more]

Artist: Lorena RuizStudio: Tilt Creative Info from Ruiz: “The idea was based in the popular street graffiti in India. The goal of this pitch was to create in a very short time some illustrations that emulate the best as possible, the spontaneous felling of popular graffiti. I work in acrylic painting.” [Read more]