Goldenchild Studio LA | STASH MAGAZINE

Director/ECD Fons Schiedon Heads Up New Studio Goldenchild

From the release: There’s a new kid in town — Goldenchild, a new studio of multidisciplinary, cutting-edge creators dedicated to interactive, innovative projects that demand stylistic breadth, heavy-post production, and hybridized formats. While Goldenchild is the affiliate to Golden LA and supported by much of the same firepower, it’s also its own galaxy, boasting a […] [Watch]

Stash 144 video preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Makeup & Vanity Set "Algorithm" music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Chatbot Takes Down Troll in “Algorithm” Music Video for Makeup & Vanity Set

Directors Saman Kesh and Justin Daashuur Hopkins tap into all the pent up schadenfreude you feel for internet trolls in this breakout music video for Makeup & Vanity Set (aka Nashville electronic producer Matthew Pusti). [Watch]