Novartis Fixing the Foundation explainer video by Yaniv Fridman | STASH MAGAZINE

Novartis “Fixing the Foundation” Explainer by Yaniv Fridman

Director/designer/animator Yaniv Fridman in Mexico City: “[This film was] made in collaboration with Vox Media and Novartis to explain new advances in cell and gene therapies that offer the potential to transform medicine. [Watch]

Rutger Bregman on Taxes by Yaniv Fridman | STASH MAGHAZINE

“Rutger Bregman on Taxes” by Yaniv Fridman and Cypher Audio

Director/animator Yaniv Fridman in Mexico City: “’Rutger Bregman on Taxes’ is a personal project made in collaboration with John Black at Cypher audio. [Watch]

Luna Motion Quotes Mallman | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Quotes: “Francis Mallmann on Growing Up”

Directors Daniel Luna and Yaniv Fridman kick off their Motion Quotes project with insights from Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann “about friendship, coming of age, and the value of being true to your own feelings.” [Watch]