Catsuka Mascots Party (Full Video) | STASH MAGAZINE

Catsuka Celebrates 20 Years with Mascots Party Compilation

Over the last 12 months, more than 200 artists helped mark the 20th anniversary of animation news site Catsuka and paid tribute to founder Marc Aguesse by reinterpreting the brand’s three mascots: Capsuka, Badsuka, and P3. [Read more]

See no Evil Remus & Kiki | STASH MAGAZINE

See No Evil Presents Remus & Kiki Live on Feb 4

See No Evil Presents Remus & Kiki Live on Feb 4, 2019 [Read more]

Best of Stash 2018 Short films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2018: Short Films

The creative challenge and promise of the self-imposed brief makes the short film a treasured opportunity for both professionals taking a break from client work and students trying to launch careers with the perfect graduation project. [Read more]

Stash 130 trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview Stash 130 and be Amazed!

Possibly our most dynamic issue so far, Stash 130 packs in a vast array of motion design, animation, and VFX plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

Love Nest Remus & Kiki animated short film Beakus | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Remus & Kiki’s “Love Nest”

If you’ve shared cramped quarters as a couple, you’ll appreciate this autobiographical peek into the tumultuous student days of Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou, aka UK directing duo Remus & Kiki. [Read more]

TedEd Berlin Wall | STASH MAGAZINE

Remus & Kiki Direct “The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall” for TED-Ed

UK 2D animation directing duo Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou (aka Remus & Kiki) clarify the origins of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the toll it imposed on those who tried to escape East Germany, and it’s eventual destruction in 1990. [Read more]