"Aware! Meisaku Kun" Broadcast Promo by Takashi Ohashi | STASH MAGAZINE

“Aware! Meisaku Kun” Broadcast Promo by Takashi Ohashi

New work from Japanese director/designer Takashi Ohashi is always a treat and this promo for the sixth season of popular kid’s anime series Aware! Meisaku Kun proves why – while continuing his quest for stylistic unpredictability. [Read more]

Stash 135 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 135 Takes Inspiration to the Next Level

One of our biggest issues ever, STASH 135 packs two and half hours of new motion brilliance (including behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) into The Stash Permanent Collection – the planet’s premier online video archive of design, animation, and VFX. [Read more]

Space Shower Station ID by Takashi Ohashi | STASH MAGAZINE

Space Shower TV “Shapeshifter” Station ID

The wonderfully unpredictable motion designer and animator Takashi Ohashi just dropped this frenetic and whimsical animated station ID for Japanese music channel Space Shower TV. [Read more]

Daisuke Tanabe "Cat Step" music video by Takashi Ohashi | STASH MAGAZINE

Daisuke Tanabe “Cat Step” Music Video by Takashi Ohashi

Tokyo animation director Takashi Ohashi completely redefines the cute dancing cat video in this glitchy and geometric music promo for Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe. [Read more]

error403_Arts Council Tokyo | STASH MAGAZINE

Takashi Ohashi and error403 for Arts Council Tokyo

Populated by impossibly cute and enigmatic characters, this frenetic promotional animation called “Zoning Tokyo” for Arts Council Tokyo was directed by Takashi Ohashi with character design and animation by Japanese manga artist and illustrator error403. [Read more]

Takashi Ohashi Wants to “Pari Pari Pari”

Japanese motion designer/director Takashi Ohashi dials in his talent for weaving simple elements into intricate and engaging worlds by referencing electrical schematics and side-scroller video games for his new music video for the insanely catchy Megu & Patron track “pari pari pari.”
[Read more]