STYLE FRAMES Design Conference Teaser

Super storm Sandy forced the STYLE FRAMES design conference to reschedule to Feb 7-8 but it couldn’t stop co-directors Chris Bahry and Anthony Scott Burns, the intrepid crew at Toronto’s Tendril and John Black at Cypher Audio from completing their ambitious vision of the opening titles. [Read more]

Artists: Andrew Vucko, Vini Nascimento, Luis CamposStudio: Tendril Info from Vucko: “This was a pitch that was created for Bank of America. Created as a series of bumpers for their billboard in Times Square, the boards convey the brand values in abstract and interesting ways. The intention was to find a balance between meaning and […] [Read more]

Artists: Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus, Vini Nascimento, Alexandre TorresStudio: Tendril Backstory: “In this concept developed for SyFy in late 2010, we took the SyFy white world and modified it to feel slightly more tangible and real — a museum or art-gallery of the imagination. The virtual camera would move through this space, treated as if […] [Read more]