Moodles short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Unwinding with Ari Weinkle’s “Moodles”

Boston artist/designer Ari Weinkle describes “Moodles,” his latest abstract 3D experiment, as “a short animation based on the effects of negative emotions on one’s self.” [Watch]

Fraktaal short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Julius Horsthuis “Fraktaal”

Amsterdam VFX supervisor and fractal artist Julius Horsthuis is back with another stunner from the Mandelbrot universe, the exploration of a spectacular space-scape called “Fraktaal.” [Watch]

Dougal Wilson Channel 4 IDs | STASH MAGAZINE

Monumental New Channel 4 IDs by Dougal Wilson and MPC

The creative team responsible for the brilliant “We’re the Superhumans” Paralympics spot (Blink director Dougal Wilson, MPC, and 4creative) are back with a set of standout IDs for Channel 4. [Watch]


Fun New Branding by Fishy Minds for Fishy Minds

Fishy Minds animation studio in Linköping, Sweden “Fishy Mind’s new logo is a combination of nifty type, which manifests boundless imagination and adaptability. [Watch]

Taipei Design City Exhibition | STASH MAGAZINE

Whitelight Motion: Taipei Design City Exhibition Promo 2017

Whitelight Motion Studio in Taipei City, Taiwan, describes themselves as “a hybrid creative studio focusing on expanding the possibilities between motion graphics and video installation.” [Watch]

Mighty Nice Happy Halloween | STASH MAGAZINE

Have a Mighty Nice Halloween

A fresh bit of Halloween fun from director Darren Price and the crew at Mighty Nice in Sydney, Australia, with Rumble Studios handling sound design. [Watch]