“Skim” Game Trailer by Fernando Lazzari and Anrick Bregman

Directors Fernando Lazzari and Anrick Bregman in London: “Skim is a short film exploring the world of Drift, a solarpunk game project in early development, a collaboration between Fernando Lazzari and Studio ANRK.” [Read more]

Lazzari Magic Discovery | STASH MAGAZINE

Discovery Latin America “Street Magic”

London CD/director Fernando Lazzari shuffles up an engaging and wonderfully rendered piece of broadcast work for Discovery Latin America’s hidden-camera-sleight-of-hand-meets-science show called “Street Magic.” [Read more]

Lazzari_Monsserrat | STASH MAGAZINE

Fernando Lazzari and Julieta Ulanovsky Visit Montserrat

London motion designer and Buenos Aires native Fernando Lazzari merges his love of typography and 3D in this austere but atmospheric tribute to the Montserrat typeface designed by his friend Julieta Ulanovsky and inspired by the Montserrat neighborhood in his hometown – all set to an excerpt from the Jorge Luis Borges [Read more]