Hoji Tsuchiya: Uri Nakayama “Spring time-old man”

Uri Nakayama Spring Time Old Man | STASH MAGAZINE

The off kilter music and lyrics of Japanese singer-songwriter (and hairdresser) Uri Nakayama finds a perfect mate in the playful, unstructured and unpredictable visual talents of Berlin-based artist/director Hoji Tsuchiya in this track called “Spring Time-old Man.” [Read more]

Mrzyk & Moriceau: The Avalanches “Subways”

The Avalanches The Subway | STASH MAGAZINE

Discovering new animation work from French directing duo Mrzyk & Moriceau is always a treat as it guarantees trippy, often outrageous imagery held together by a certain subversive sense of abandon. [Read more]

Denial of Service: Utter, Immediate & Emotional

Denial of Service | STASH MAGAZINE

If the incessantly upbeat drone of the media world has you staring at the clock and thinking about the bar, join us as we slip into the dark and refreshingly bullshit-free world of the musician and visual artist known as Denial of Service. [Read more]

Parallel Teeth: Ladi6 “Beffy”


Parallel Teeth (aka London director, animator, graphic artist Robert Wallace) dials up his off-beat wit and rhythmic charm in this music video for “Beffy” from New Zealand artist Ladi6, a non-stop delight of loops and whimsical visual treats. [Read more]

Ariel Costa: Green Day “Bang Bang”

Ariel Costa Green Day Bang Bang | STASH MAGAZINE

In direct contrast to his restrained and tasteful short film “Sins,” Los Angeles director, designer, animator Ariel Costa amps up his signature collage kinetics into a rough-and-ready promo for Green Day’s newest called “Bang Bang.” [Read more]

Gerhard Human: Raffertie “Last Train Home”

Raffertie Last Train Home | STASH MAGAZINE

Like the best cult graphic novels, Gerhard Human’s personal spec music video for “Last Train Home” by Raffertie (aka London composer/producer Benjamin Stefanski) uses haunted characters to reveal it’s sinister and enigmatic narrative. [Read more]