Monolink "The Prey" Music Video by Páraic Mc Gloughlin | STASH MAGAZINE

Monolink “The Prey” Music Video by Paraic Mc Gloughlin

Polish artist and director Páraic Mc Gloughlin (who now lives in Ireland) assembles a hypnotic flurry of images into the official video for “The Prey”, a new track by German DJ, singer-songwriter and producer Steffen Linck aka Monolink. [Read more]

Black Ice short film by Christopher Dormoy | STASH MAGAZINE

“Black Ice” Macro Time-lapse Short Film by Christopher Dormoy

Director/art director Christopher Dormoy in Montréal: “Black Ice is a personal project I worked on during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and confinement. Having to stay home does not mean less creation. It is time to observe and experience elements and details of our daily life that we find at home. [Read more]