Robert Grieves RMT The Mark of a Free Society | STASH MAGAZINE

RMT “Mark of a Free Society” by Robert Grieves

In today’s gig economy, workers’ rights feel like a thing of the past. But 200 years ago in Britain, conditions were so extreme that death at work was commonplace. This sparked the world’s first trade unions. [Watch]

CNN What is beauty | STASH MAGAZINE

Anna Ginsburg Asks “What is Beauty?” for CNN

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Strange Beast director Anna Ginsburg surveys the evolution of the female form and its perceptions over the last 30,000 years. [Watch]

Two Fresh E-sports explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

Two Fresh Creative: E-sports Explainer

Phil Guthrie, creative director at Two Fresh Creative in LA: “We’ve been getting more involved in the E-Sports world and we love creating explainer videos, as they can have a lot of creative freedom attached. So this is our take on both subjects. [Watch]

Delcan & company Scrapp | STASH MAGAZINE

Delcan & Company for Scrapp

Relaxed and refreshing take on the explainer video written and animated by New York design house Delcan & Company for Scrapp, a free collaboration and document mark up app for iOS. [Watch]

Culture trip Elspeth Beard - Riding into History | STASH MAGAZINE

Culture Trip: “Elspeth Beard: Riding into History”

The story of Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to ride around the world on a motorcycle. [Watch]

Rebecka Taule "Beauty in Numbers" | STASH MAGAZINE

Rebecka Taule Reveals the “Beauty In Numbers”

A fascinating study in contrasts (austere yet intricate, technical yet elegant), “Beauty In Numbers” by Norwegian designer/illustrator Rebecka Taule is the most mind-expanding explainer you’ll see this year. [Watch]

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