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Next Time You Get a Scam Email, Forward it Here…

“I’m Re:scam. Netsafe built me as a new weapon in the fight against the billion-dollar email scam industry. [Watch]

Pedro Allevato Character Lab | STASH MAGAZINE

Character Lab’s WOOP: How Wishes Come True

London motion men Pedro Allevato and Miguel Rato mix illustration, design, 2D, and 3D animation into a lively promo for Character Lab’s self-control program called WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan). [Watch]

Imaginary Friend Society | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to the Imaginary Friend Society

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation just released 20 animated shorts hosted by imaginary friends to help kids with cancer better understand cancer-related topics – from diagnosis and MRI’s to radiation and hair loss. [Watch]

Douglas Eck_Future of storytelling | STASH MAGAZINE

Douglas Eck & Magenta: Transforming Technology into Art

Meet Douglas Eck, a research scientist on Google Brain’s Magenta project teaching computers how to generate their own music, video, images, and text using neural networks and other types of machine learning. [Watch]

Facebook Intellectual property | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook Intellectual Property (Director’s version)

Buenos Aires animation and CG studio KASANA add life to the dry, intricate, but important matter of how Facebook handles intellectual property infringement on their platform. [Watch]

Teen Mental Health - Transitions | STASH MAGAZINE

Wonderlust Transitions to Teen Mental Health

Wonderlust is a design & animation studio based in Halifax, Nova Scotia: “Making the shift to university or college can be tough. [Watch]

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