Two Fresh E-sports explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

Two Fresh Creative: E-sports Explainer

Phil Guthrie, creative director at Two Fresh Creative in LA: “We’ve been getting more involved in the E-Sports world and we love creating explainer videos, as they can have a lot of creative freedom attached. So this is our take on both subjects. [Watch]

Delcan & company Scrapp | STASH MAGAZINE

Delcan & Company for Scrapp

Relaxed and refreshing take on the explainer video written and animated by New York design house Delcan & Company for Scrapp, a free collaboration and document mark up app for iOS. [Watch]

Culture trip Elspeth Beard - Riding into History | STASH MAGAZINE

Culture Trip: “Elspeth Beard: Riding into History”

The story of Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to ride around the world on a motorcycle. [Watch]

Rebecka Taule "Beauty in Numbers" | STASH MAGAZINE

Rebecka Taule Reveals the “Beauty In Numbers”

A fascinating study in contrasts (austere yet intricate, technical yet elegant), “Beauty In Numbers” by Norwegian designer/illustrator Rebecka Taule is the most mind-expanding explainer you’ll see this year. [Watch]

Jesse Collett School of Life Sexual non-liberation | STASH MAGAZINE

Jesse Collett Explores “Sexual Non-Liberation” for the School of Life

Jesse Collett Explores “Sexual Non-Liberation” for the School of Life [Watch]

Vladimir Marchukov F#ck Your Period | STASH MAGAZINE

Officer&Gentleman Say F#ck Your Period

Russian motion man Vladimir Marchukov’s latest Pornhub explainer offers options and an attitude adjustment for when Aunt Flo comes calling. [Watch]