Life Up Close: Death-Cap Mushrooms The Atlantic Elyse Kelly | STASH MAGAZINE

Death-Cap Mushrooms are Terrifying and Unstoppable!

Yes, the title sounds like clickbait but this explainer (the first in The Atlantic’s new four-part series called “Life Up Close”) directed by Washington DC’s Elyse Kelly backs up the hype with science and intricate graphics. [Watch]

TED Ed The Science Of Surfing animated explainer by Wonderlust | STASH MAGAZINE

TED Ed “The Science of Surfing” by Wonderlust

Halifax motion studio Wonderlust: “We all know that surfing requires incredible skill, but there’s also a lot of science involved. This video explains just that.” [Watch]

WordPress Media Meditation by Caresse Haaser | STASH MAGAZINE

A Meditation on the Open Web by Alexis Lloyd

Brooklyn designer/animator Caresse Haaser brings a soft illustrative touch to this visual essay about the nature and direction of today’s online ecosystem written, voiced, and art directed by Alexis Lloyd at Automattic Design. [Watch]

NPR Invisibilia The Locust Mystery by Francesca Cattaneo | STASH MAGAZINE

NPR Invisibilia “The Locust Mystery” by Francesca Cattaneo

In her second animated video for NPR’s Invisibilia podcast, art director and motion designer Francesca Cattaneo explores the “fascinating mystery of locusts and our sense of self.” [Watch]

Stash 133 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE