Vans “Custom Culture 2019” by Andy Baker

Hornet director Andy Baker teams up with Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto (aka Morning Breath, Inc.) in Brooklyn on a delirious promo for Van’s Custom Culture 2019. [Read more]

Stash 135 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 135 Takes Inspiration to the Next Level

One of our biggest issues ever, STASH 135 packs two and half hours of new motion brilliance (including behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) into The Stash Permanent Collection – the planet’s premier online video archive of design, animation, and VFX. [Read more]

17 Small Ideas short film by Andrew Myers | STASH MAGAZINE

“17 Small Ideas” by Andrew Myers

Brooklyn artist, photographer, filmmaker, and Hornet director Andrew Myers describes his new personal project – a collection of quiet, eclectic, and often surreal vignettes – as “sketchbook ambience.” [Read more]

MPC NY bolsters creative team | STASH MAGAZINE

MPC New York Ramps up Creative Team with Four new Hires

MPC has welcomed David Piombino as their Deputy Head of 2D, with Thiago Porto, Dan Fine and Santosh Gunaseelan taking senior creative positions.
[Read more]

Me Too animated PSAs | STASH MAGAZINE

Animated Me Too PSAs Rally Survivors and Supporters

Powered by heartbreaking narration from four sexual violence survivors, these emotional films were created by a coalition of creative and production talent including Deutsch, Steelhead, Hornet, Elastic, duotone, and We Are Royale. [Read more]

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer launch Bullpen | STASH MAGAZINE

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer Launch Design and Animation Studio Bullpen

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer have joined forces to launch Bullpen, a bi-coastal design, and animation studio dedicated to providing a more hands-on, narrative-driven approach. [Read more]