Donerzozo Opens "Your Life is Good" for Haokan Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Donerzozo Opens “Your Life is Good” for Haokan Video

Director/animator Donerzozo in Shanghai, China: “Your Life is Good is the first self-made variety show produced by Haokan Video, which is broadcast simultaneously on Haokan Video and Southeast TV in China every week.” [Watch]

Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Unloading short film by Donerzozo | STASH MAGAZINE

“Unloading: Directors Cut” Short Film by Donerzozo

After designing a recruitment poster for the design team at the Chinese internet giant (and his current employer) Baidu, director/animator Donerzozo extended the central astronaut character into an atmospheric full-CG passion project. [Watch]

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