Dodie “Secret for the Mad” by Hannah Jacobs

UK director/animator Hannah Jacobs’ lends a childlike illustrative whimsy to the delicate and highly personal track “Secret for the Mad” by English singer-songwriter, author, and YouTuber Dorothy Miranda “Dodie” Clark. [Read more]

NY Times Conception Series | STASH MAGAZINE

The New York Times “Conception” by Hannah Jacobs

British director, animator, and illustrator Hannah Jacobs’ raw and hand-drawn animation style seems particularly appropriate for this heartfelt story of motherhood from the NY Times’ Conception series. [Read more]

Envy_School of Life | STASH MAGAZINE

Can Envy Be Good? Alain De Botton Says Yes

The latest exceptional video for The School Of Life applies Alain De Botton’s bottomless wisdom to the under-appreciated emotion of envy, it’s purpose, and why we evolved it in the first place. All wonderfully packaged in the illustration and motion stylings of RCA grads Lara Lee and Hannah Jacobs. [Read more]