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MonoGrafo Opens Soccer True Crime Series “11 Shots” on HBOMax

Cristina González, head of production at MonoGrafo Studio in Madrid, Spain: “11 shots is a true crime TV series on HBOMax that takes place in the world of soccer. [Watch]

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Stash Drops Landmark 150th Issue – Watch the Trailer

The landmark 150th issue of Stash just dropped and we could not be more proud. Together with our subscribers, submitters, and fans we’ve built the planet’s largest motion design archive while providing inspiration and insight for professionals and students in over 100 countries. [Watch]

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Netflix “Jaguar” Series Titles by MonoGrafo Studio

From the team at MonoGrafo Studio in Madrid: “Jaguar is a Netflix series produced by Bambú Productions who commissioned us to make the opening titles. The story is about a group of former Nazi concentration camp prisoners who are dedicated to persecuting and bringing to justice those responsible, many of whom take refuge in Franco’s Spain. [Watch]