Stash issue 150 main image | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash Drops Landmark 150th Issue – Watch the Trailer

The landmark 150th issue of Stash just dropped and we could not be more proud. Together with our subscribers, submitters, and fans we’ve built the planet’s largest motion design archive while providing inspiration and insight for professionals and students in over 100 countries. [Watch]

Home Depot Foundation Real Change Linetest | STASH MAGAZINE

The Home Depot Foundation “Real Change” by Linetest

CD Hao Chen and his animation team at Linetest in Vancouver just dropped this rousing spot, powered by a heartfelt spoken word performance, for The Home Depot Canada Foundation’s initiative to end youth homelessness. [Watch]

WWF "Less Noise, More Life" by Linetest | STASH MAGAZINE

WWF “Less Noise, More Life” by Linetest

Vancouver animation studio Linetest craft a prismatic mix of 2D and 3D styles to illustrate the growing impact of ocean noise pollution on the bowhead whale population for the WWF Arctic Programme in Canada. [Watch]

Vancouver Mural Festival 2018 promo Linetest | STASH MAGAZINE

“Vancouver Mural Festival 2018” by Linetest

To promote the 2018 Mural Festival in Vancouver, hometown studio Linetest pay tribute to the previous murals of the week-long summer event using “a brick as a focal point to tie together the many different mural styles.” [Watch]