Inspiration + Insight + Happy = Stash 111

One of our most diverse and striking issues to date, Stash 111 delivers wall-to-wall motion brilliance adding yet another 31 animation, VFX and motion design projects to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

Dirk Greene_Final Cut | STASH MAGAZINE


From the release: Final Cut post-production arm, Significant Others, with the hiring of Creative Director Dirk Greene. Greene will be overseeing Significant Others’ growth into a full service visual effects boutique. As a visual effects heavyweight, Greene’s career spans seven years at Absolute as Creative Director, and well over a decade as Senior Flame Artist/VFX […] [Read more]

Zoic Toby Brockhurst | STASH MAGAZINE


From the release: Los Angeles, CA, May 7th, 2015: Culver City-based visual effects house Zoic Studios has added veteran Flame Artist Toby Brockhurst. With over two decades of experience in VFX, he has worked on effects-driven spots for major brands such as Kia, Guinness, Volvo, EA Sports and BMW, and worked for top shops including […] [Read more]

Lindsay Bodanza The Mill+ | STASH MAGAZINE

Mill+ LA Adds Executive Producer Lindsay Bodanza.

From the release: Mill+ in Los Angeles is pleased to welcome Lindsay Bodanza, who joins the Design & Animation studio as executive producer. Bodanza will be working to further strengthen and build on the great work the Mill+ team have done to date, including the iconic Google Play work and the recent Audi ‘Birth’ spot […] [Read more]

Rupert Saunders Audi_Birth | STASH MAGAZINE

Giving “Birth” to the Audi RS 3 Sportback

Director Andrew Proctor and the Mill+ crew play midwife to Audi’s R8 supercar as it breathes, pushes and strains to deliver the new 362bhp RS 3 Sportback in this 110-second all-CG opus created in collaboration with MJZ director Rupert Sanders thru BBH London. [Read more]

Mill+_Diary Queen | STASH MAGAZINE

Flipping for Dairy Queen “Oreo Blizzard”

The Chicago outpost of The Mill/Mill+ expand their repertoire with this impossibly happy 2D character fest for Dairy Queen powered by a catchy ditty scripted by agency Barkley US and composed by Sam Billen at Primary Color Music. [Read more]