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Best of Stash 2023: Characters!

2023 was another stellar year for character-driven design and animation projects with an extraordinary range of styles and production techniques all focused on a singular goal: ensuring the narrative engages and resonates. [Watch]

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PEAS! Short Film by AJ Jefferies | STASH MAGAZINE

AJ Jefferies’ Newest Short Film “PEAS!” is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

UK 3D illustrator and animator AJ Jefferies, whose brilliant takes on silly animals you can watch here (horse) and here (goose), veers into the realm of very happy vegetables for his latest short film PEAS!. [Watch]

Pictolasma 2023 Animation Program | STASH MAGAZINE

Pictoplasma Reveals Short Film Programs for Berlin 2023

If you love character design and animation, you’ll find the ultimate blend of both in the incredibly diverse shorts programs just announced by the always-fabulous Pictoplasma Festival which takes over Berlin May 3–7. [Watch]


A Very Short Film About a Very Long Goose by AJ Jefferies

Few people do silly creatures better than AJ Jefferies, a 3D illustrator/animator based in Norwich, UK who burst onto the Stash radar in 2020 with his beat-perfect comedy “Horse” that also made the Best of Stash collections that year. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2020: Characters | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2020: Character Design

Pandemic or not, and no matter the genre or tone of the project – in 2020 characters remained the single most reliable way to ensure an audience’s emotional engagement with your work. [Watch]