Swiss line Cosmetics Diamond Line Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

Swiss line Cosmetics Diamond Line Launch Film by Miki Nemcek

In the follow up to his Swiss line “Force Vitale” launch film, Prague-based director/animator and CG artist Miki Nemcek merges the fluid and the crystalline for the launch of the luxury cosmetic brand’s Cell Shock White Diamond Serum and Diamond Essence products. [Read more]

Swiss line "Force Vitale" Promo by Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

Swiss line “Force Vitale” Launch Film by Miki Nemcek

Director/animator Miki Nemcek in Prague: “Swiss line Cosmetics asked me to create a promo animation for their new launch of Force Vitale collection, their mildest and most original-looking skin product.” [Read more]

EDIBLES short film by Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

Miki Nemcek’s CG Short “Edibles” Looks Strangely Delicious

3D artist Miki Nemcek at OBSĒDANT in Prague, Czech Republic: “‘Edibles’ is another short film based on curiosity, weirdness, love for colors, desire to create something different, and a bit of an accident. [Read more]

Best of Stash 2018: 3D Style

The explosion of visual experimentation caused by the continued democratization of 3D animation and rendering tools is arguably the most exciting design trend of this decade. These seven projects demonstrate just how spectacular the results can be. [Read more]

Stash 132 preview trailer design animation VFX | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 132: Fun + Brilliant = Inspired

Here’s your two-minute glimpse at the brilliant work included in Stash 132, a full two-hour program packed with 31 inspired design, animation, and VFX projects plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews.
[Read more]

Goodbye Design CG short design film by Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

“Goodbye Design” by Miki Nemcek

Director and 3D artist Miki Nemcek says his new CG passion project “Goodbye Design” was born as he walked out of a museum amazed by an exhibition of product design from the 1950s. [Read more]