LA TRANCE short film by Ben Radatz, Brian Alfred, and Four Tet | STASH MAGAZINE

Follow Ben Radatz, Brian Alfred, and Four Tet into “LA TRANCE”

LA-based motion design pioneer Ben Radatz reteams with New York artist Brian Alfred for their fourth film “LA TRANCE”, a pensive and atmospheric series of vignettes powered by the titular track from English musician Four Tet. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2018 Title Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2018: Title Design

Setting the tone and creating anticipation for a live event, feature film, or television series is both an enormous responsibility and a cherished creative opportunity. Here’s seven title sequences that rose above and beyond in 2018. [Watch]

Stash 132 preview trailer design animation VFX | STASH MAGAZINE
THE DEVIL WE KNOW | Main Title Sequence BEN RADATZ motion design | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Devil We Know” Main Title by Ben Radatz

Director/designer Ben Radatz reteams with acclaimed documentarian Stephanie Soechtig to create the opening titles for “The Devil We Know,” her investigation into US chemical giant Dupont and their controversial Teflon product. [Watch]

Made in the Middle Conference Titles by Ben Radatz

The Made in the Middle design conference, which showcases artists, makers, and designers from the Midwest, opened in Kansas City, MO, recently with this typographic opus by hometown motion maven Ben Radatz. [Watch]