Suture Title Sequence by First Fight | STASH MAGAZINE

First Fight Drop AI-Enhanced Title Sequence for “Suture”

André Foster, CD/partner at design and animation studio First Fight in Detroit: “With help from Midjourney, we created a series of AI-generated frames for the opening credits of a fictional television show called ‘Suture’.” [Watch]

11 Shots titles HBOMax MonoGrafo | STASH MAGAZINE

MonoGrafo Opens Soccer True Crime Series “11 Shots” on HBOMax

Cristina González, head of production at MonoGrafo Studio in Madrid, Spain: “11 shots is a true crime TV series on HBOMax that takes place in the world of soccer. [Watch]

Wednesday Series Main Title Sequence Filmograph | STASH MAGAZINE

“Wednesday” Series Main Titles by Filmograph

Director Tim Burton’s first shot at television, the new Netflix series Wednesday, opens with these appropriately spooky and only occasionally kooky titles from CD Aaron Becker and the crew at Filmograph in LA. [Watch]

World Cup 2022 BBC Opening Titles Studio Something | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio Something Opens the 2022 World Cup on BBC

The 2022 World Cup finally kicked off today in Qatar with BBC’s coverage preceded by this boisterous motion sequence designed by Edinburgh’s Studio Something to celebrate the rhythms of the game. [Watch]

Stash issue 156 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
ESPN x NBA Channel Rebrand FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN x NBA Channel Rebrand by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “In Collaboration with ESPN, we worked to launch the National Basketball Association (NBA) channel rebrand, creating a brand film as well as a bespoke After Effects toolkit to give ESPN the flexibility to expand the channel package. [Watch]