Netflix-On-the-Verge-Main-Titles-Fugu | STASH MAGAZINE

Netflix “On the Verge” Series Main Titles by Fugu

Julie Delpy’s new Netflix series On the Verge opens with these carefully composed stop-motion titles crafted by a small team at production and VFX studio Fugu in Paris and set to a jaunty tune by Chilly Gonzales. [Watch]

Apple-TV-Foundation-Titles-Imaginary-Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Apple TV+ “Foundation” Main Titles by Imaginary Forces

Foundation, the massive new Apple TV+ series based on Isaac Asimov’s landmark sci-fi trilogy opens with these “galactic dreamscape” titles from creative director Ronnie Koff and the team at Imaginary Forces. [Watch]

MEGA TV Idents by Yeti Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

MEGA TV Idents by Yeti Pictures

Tony Zagoraios, director and founder at Yeti Pictures in Athens: “We were asked to create five idents for the rebranding of Greek television network MEGA, in order to add depth and life to their logo. [Watch]

Netflix Sex Education Pre-Title sequence Ep 7 Future Power Station | STASH MAGAZINE

Netflix “Sex Education” Pre-Title sequence by Future Power Station

Director Yibi Hu and his animation team at Future Power Station in London poke at the boundaries of NSFW in this extraordinary sci-fi/fantasy pre-title sequence for episode 7 of the third season of Sex Education on Netflix. [Watch]

Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
"Call Me by Fire" TV Series Promo by MixCode | STASH MAGAZINE

“Call Me by Fire” TV Series Promo by MixCode

Taiwan design and motion studio Mixcode channel the action and aesthetics of comic book art in this promo for Call Me By Fire, a Chinese reality TV show where 33 male entertainment celebrities compete to form a performance group. [Watch]