Already Been Chewed Rebrands the XFL on ESPN | STASH MAGAZINE

Already Been Chewed Rebrands the XFL on ESPN

The 3D animation and motion design teams at Already Been Chewed let loose with a blast of black and white CG in their hard-hitting rebrand for ESPN’s broadcast of XFL football games. [Watch]

Imaginary Forces Hello Tomorrow! Titles Apple TV | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Says “Hello Tomorrow!” in Titles for Apple TV+ Original

How do you open a retro-future TV series about a scam selling timeshares on the moon? CD Ronnie Koff and Imaginary Forces opted for what they describe as a “hypnotic ride of apparatuses with an underlying eerie imbalance.” [Watch]

MISTER Opens Last King of the Cross on Paramount+ | STASH MAGAZINE

MISTER Opens “Last King of the Cross” on Paramount+

Sydney 3D motion design studio MISTER sets an ominous and foreboding tone for the new Australian crime drama Last King of the Cross (based on the autobiography of nightclub owner John Ibrahim) on Paramount+. [Watch]

Plains of Yonder Nexus Rings of Power Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Here’s How Plains of Yonder and Nexus Studios Opened “Rings of Power” for Amazon

Plains Of Yonder directors Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore gather the forces of London prodco Nexus Studios and Barcelona motion house Makmac for a project they call “one giant science experiment.” [Watch]

PES Het Klokhuis Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

10 Years Later, PES Updates His “Het Klokhuis” Title Sequence

Stop-motion innovator and Oscar-nominee PES unpeels new opening titles for the TV show Het Klokhuis (The Apple Core) on Dutch public network NTR, refreshing the frenetic originals he crafted back in 2013. [Watch]

BONN Title Sequence by WeFadeToGrey | STASH MAGAZINE

“BONN” Mini-Series Opening Titles by WeFadeToGrey

Art Director Thomas Gugel at WeFadeToGrey in Cologne, Germany: “The historical miniseries BONN – Alte Freunde Neue Feinde (BONN – Old Friends, New Enemy), is a six-part political thriller about the rise of the young Federal Republic of Germany shaded by a moving family story. [Watch]