Zouj Delete After Death Music Video by Laura Jayne Hodkin | STASH MAGAZINE

Zouj “Delete After Death” Music Video by Laura Jayne Hodkin

Director/animator Laura Jayne Hodkin in London: “For a song about death, it’s incredibly fun. I wanted the visuals to be bright with garish colors and playful character animation to compliment the dark humor of the song.” [Watch]

Greg Han Souffle Music Video by Han-Soul and Yii Ooi | STASH MAGAZINE

Greg Han “Souffle” Music Video by Han-Soul and Yii Ooi

Creative director Yii Ooi in Taiwan: “Throughout the pandemic, everyone has been adopting new ways to create, learn, and walk through the journey with trust. That’s basically how this album of Greg’s kicked off. Be there for you, nothing dramatic, and hopefully to walk us through good or bad times. [Watch]

The DMV Song by Doug Alberts and Noodle | STASH MAGAZINE

“The DMV Song” by Doug Alberts and Noodle

Before a recent jaunt to his local Department of Motor Vehicles, director/animator Doug Alberts could have just griped and complained like the rest of us but chose instead to spin the “personalities, funny smells, and paperwork” into a smile-inducing song and music video. [Watch]

Wizz-Orelsan-The-quest-Music-video | STASH MAGAZINE

Orelsan “The Quest” Music video by Victor Haegelin

WIZZ director Victor Haegelin, whose stop motion talents elevated this spot for Expedia and intro’d the world to Captain 3D, puts French rapper Orelsan in the animator’s seat for his latest music video. [Watch]

Stash issue 152 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Chelsea-Jade-Good-Taste-Music-Video-by-Frances-Haszard | STASH MAGAZINE

Chelsea Jade “Good Taste” Music Video by Frances Haszard

Illustrator/animator/director Frances Haszard in Auckland, New Zealand: “‘Good Taste’ is taken from Chelsea Jade’s forthcoming album Soft Spot, on Carpark Records. Generously funded by NZ on Air.” [Watch]