Stormzy Superheroes music video by 2veinte | STASH MAGAZINE

Stormzy “Superheroes” Music video by Taz Tron Delix and 2veinte

From 2veinte in Buenos Aires: “By request of London production company Compulsory and director Taz Tron Delix, we designed and animated the ‘Superheroes’ video clip for the amazing UK rapper, Stormzy. [Read more]

French 79 "The Remedy" music video by Daniel Stankler | STASH MAGAZINE

French 79 “The Remedy” Music Video by Daniel Stankler

Director/animator Daniel Stankler in London: “The French 79 album, ‘Joshua’, is about [founder Simon Henner’s] childhood in Marseille, and so Marseille was quite important for the film. [Read more]

FKA Twigs Sad Day music video | STASH MAGAZINE

FKA Twigs “Sad Day” Music Video by Hiro Murai and MPC

From the release: Directed by Doomsday Entertainment’s Hiro Murai, the visually unique video is based on the sensual movements of Wushu martial arts, which is used to depict the complex relationship between the two lead characters.
[Read more]

Groove Armada Lover 4 Now music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Groove Armada “Lover 4 Now” Music Video by Fons Schiedon

New York-based Dutch director Fons Schiedon, who graced the cover of Stash 15 with his insane MTV Asia ID, creates a far more calm and contemplative mood in his new video for English electronic duo Groove Armada. [Read more]

Alok Memories by Gabriel and Sergio Twardowski | STASH MAGAZINE

Gabriel and Sergio Twardowski Capture Four Years of DJ Alok in 60 Seconds

Brazilian film directors, Gabriel and Sérgio Twardowski: “We are brothers working in content for artists and advertising and for the last four years we accompanied and recorded Brazilian DJ Alok on tours around the world. “In this project, we surveyed 900-hours (30 terabytes) of images that we recorded on tour, looking for a pattern of […] [Read more]

Two for One Burger Bun music video by Impactist | STASH MAGAZINE

“Two for One Burger Bun” Music Promo by Impactist

Renaissance duo Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing (aka Impactist) create an exhilarating collage of original photography, illustration, 3D graphics, and type for the track ‘Two for One Burger Bun’ from their latest album HEY PIG. [Read more]