Free-Fire-BEATz-Go-Boom-Music-Video-Mischa-Rozema-Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Free Fire “BEATz Go Boom” Music Video by Mischa Rozema

The sketchbooks of Nexus director Mischa Rozema, which overflow with grand ideas rendered in minute detail, come rampaging to life in this four-minute VFX romp for Garena Free Fire’s new Squad BEATz campaign. [Watch]

Korn Worst is On its Way Music VideoCraig Bernard Culley Bunker | STASH MAGAZINE

Korn “Worst is On its Way” Music Video by Craig Bernard and Culley Bunker

Canadian director Craig Bernard and Culley Bunker, the head dog at Skulley Effects in LA, tag team on this intense music video for California metal band Korn laced with procedural CG and fractal-driven VFX. [Watch]

New-Stash-launch-image-UI_Logo-cloud | STASH MAGAZINE

Ready for More Inspiration? Try the New Stash!

Staying inspired with the Stash Permanent Collection just got faster, easier, and more affordable. Grab a FREE trial and experience the planet’s only streaming platform for motion design, animation, and VFX. [Watch]

Antonim Un Crit Music Video by Dedo Ciego | STASH MAGAZINE

Antonim “Un Crit” Music Video by Dedo Ciego

Co-founders Joaquín Urbina and Ana Gale at audiovisual studio Dedo Ciego in Barcelona: “This is our new video for the single ‘Un Crit’ by the Catalonian duo Antònim released on the Primavera Sound label. [Watch]

Art Camp Music Video for Amber Mark Out Of This World | STASH MAGAZINE

New Art Camp Music Video Launches Amber Mark “Out Of This World”

Continuing their string of innovative and intriguing music videos (e.g., these films for Bright Eyes and Thom Yorke), NYC studio Art Camp merges 2D and 3D animation with underwater live-action in this dreamscape for R&B/soul artist Amber Mark directed by Jos Diaz Contreras. [Watch]

Siames No Lullaby Music Video by Rudo Company | STASH MAGAZINE

Siamés “No Lullaby” Music Video by Rudo Company

In their fourth music video for Argentinian electropop rock band Siamés, Buenos Aires animation house Rudo Company craft an anime-flavored 2D action/adventure tale of two sisters and their imaginary battles against robots and giants. [Watch]