Weze Mold Music Video by Diogo Kalil | STASH MAGAZINE

Midjourney Mold Takes Over in New Diogo Kalil Music Video

Diogo Kalil, who recently directed this powerful piece for the Irish charity Dublin Simon Community, continues his exploration of AI imagery but with a drastically different tone in this new video for Polish hardcore band Węże. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE
Daft Punk Infinity Repeating Music Video Warren Fu Partizan | STASH MAGAZINE

Walking the Walk with Daft Punk in “Infinity Repeating” Music Video

Partizan Studio and director Warren Fu head up a flotilla of animation talent including Picnic Studio, H5, Light, Machine Molle, and Meat Dept for this grand exercise in walk cycles for “Infinity Repeating” off the 10th Anniversary Edition of Daft Punk’s landmark album Random Access Memories. [Watch]

Tenacious D Video Games Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Tenacious D Defends the Honor of Video Games

Director/writer Adam Paloian, best known for his SpongeBob SquarePants exploits, and animator/YouTuber Chris O’Neill leave few tropes unturned in this comic romp for Tenacious D (all rendered in Unreal Engine). [Watch]

Paris Opera L Heure Bleue by Antoine & Mathilde Remembers | STASH MAGAZINE

Paris Opera “L’Heure Bleue” by Antoine & Mathilde and Remembers

French directing duo Mathilde Loubes and Antoine Bonnet, who created the outstanding Un Diable dans la Poche animated short during their students days at Gobelins, just completed this lyrical five-minute opus for the Paris Opera. [Watch]

The Chemical Brothers No Reason Music Video Adam Smith Marcus Lyall | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “No Reason” Music Video by Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall

From the team at Black Dog Films in London: “Black Dog’s Adam Smith and his creative partner Marcus Lyall reunited with regular collaborators The Chemical Brothers to create new live visuals for the track ‘No Reason’.” [Watch]

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