Jacob Collier Never Gonna Be Alone Music Video Bare Golly Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Jacob Collier “Never Gonna Be Alone” Music Video by Bare Golly Films

Directing duo Shan Christopher Ogilvie and Ewa Smyk (aka Bare Golly Films) gather a remote team of artists to paint 1,200 watercolors and fuse them into a gently fluid music video for multiple Grammy-winner Jacob Collier. [Watch]

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Lucas Hrubizna | STASH MAGAZINE

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Visual Mixtape by Lucas Hrubizna

UK duo Sad Night Dynamite (aka Josh Greacen and Archie Blagden), who Equate Magazine described as “The Blair Witch Project meets Gorillaz”, team with Canadian director/VFX artist Lucas Hrubizna for a riveting and unrelenting nightmare. [Watch]

The Beatles Im Only Sleeping Music Video Em Cooper | STASH MAGAZINE

The Beatles “I’m Only Sleeping” Music Video by Em Cooper

Emmy-nominated British director/artist Em Cooper hand-animates oil paint into a surreal exploration of the space between dreaming and wakefulness for the Special Edition release of The Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping”. [Watch]

Miles Davis Whats Love Got To Do With It Music Video Irina Rubina | STASH MAGAZINE

Miles Davis “What’s Love Got To Do With It” Music Video by Irina Rubina

Inspired by Miles Davis’ own original paintings, director/animator Irina Rubina conjures a whimsical and intricate interpretation of the trumpeter’s cover of Tina Turner’s 1984 hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. [Watch]

Anne Muller Nummer 2 Music Video Faux Soleil | STASH MAGAZINE

Anne Müller “Nummer 2” Music Video by Faux Soleil and Eddy

Following up recent commercial work for Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Hermès, Eddy directing duo Faux Soleil (aka Simon Duong Van Huyen and Arthur Chaumay) animate a meditative and cinematic music video for German composer/cellist Anne Müller. [Watch]

Goldenwolf Craig David Trainline | STASH MAGAZINE

All Aboard the Soul Train With Golden Wolf and Craig David

Drawing inspiration from the work of Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, the animation team at Golden Wolf and British singer-songwriter Craig David deliver an environmental message for European rail booking platform Trainline. [Watch]