Ordinary Folk Mainframe motion design | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Rescues “Mainframe” Motion Project From the Bin of Destiny

It’s a tough fact of production life that some design jobs – usually ones you’ve invested with a lot of love – wither and die on the vine. The team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver decided this was not one of those projects. [Watch]

VDAS Student Hanul Jeon Drops Spec Brand Film for Salomon | STASH MAGAZINE

VDAS Student Hanul Jeon Drops Impressive Spec Brand Film for Salomon

Director/animator Hanul Jeon at VDAS (Visual Design & Art School) in Seoul, South Korea: “Salomon is a French outdoor sports brand. In order to emphasize the durability of Salomon hiking boots that can withstand rough environments, I developed a brand video focusing on the environment of rock walls and ice sheets.” [Watch]

JVG Audi R8 The Last Dance | STASH MAGAZINE

JVG Bids Adiós to the Audi R8 in New Passion Project

JVG, the Madrid CG boutique whose skills we witnessed here and here, pays homage to the Audi R8 high-performance coupe in this passionate in-house project full of both atmosphere and obsessive detail. [Watch]

Guillaume Combeaud Personal Spec Nike Motion Design Project | STASH MAGAZINE

Driven by the “Love of Designing and Creating in 3D”

Fifteen years into his career, Montreal freelance 3D artist/motion designer Guillaume Combeaud continues to declare his love for the medium with a series of passion projects. This sleek, near-future Nike spec spot is his latest. [Watch]

Paperman Studios Spec Speaker Spot | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Paperman Studios and Their Imaginary Smart Speaker

Paperman Studios, a motion design house in Kochi, India, just popped onto the Stash radar with this in-house spec spot for an eponymous smart speaker that looks and feels a lot like a full-budget, commissioned product film. [Watch]

He-Man Earns His Vacation in Spec Orbitz Spot by George Moise | STASH MAGAZINE

He-Man Earns His Vacation in Spec Orbitz Spot by George Moïse

The best spec and portfolio-building projects experiment with creative and production angles the actual brand is unlikely to explore. And that is exactly what LA director/3D artist George Moïse pushes to the limit in this bit of CG insanity. [Watch]