Aliens spec commercial by Revolution Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Never Pay with Cash During an Alien Invasion

Director/DOP Timur Abdulov and the crew at Revolution Studio in Moscow take time out from their commercial work for a fun spec spot featuring pissed off aliens, massive urban destruction, and just enough comedy to carry the whole thing off. [Read more]

Mr. Robot - Title Design (unofficial) | STASH MAGAZINE

Mr. Robot Title Design (Unofficial)

Daniel Bartels, Jakob Saretz, and Marco Bergstein – motion designers in the German advertising industry – just finished their passion project, a spec title design for the USA Network series Mr. Robot. [Read more]

Boom! Stash 128 Drops Two Hours of Inspiration

What do two hours of motion brilliance look like hyper-compressed into just two minutes? Correct, exactly like this trailer for Stash 128. [Read more]

Anthony Capristo Nike "Free Your Mind" | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “Free Your Mind” Spec Spot

Few things bare witness to the continuing democratization of creative tools and talent like spec work – more specifically: spec commercials which get your blood racing as fast or faster than their full-price cousins. [Read more]

Co-numdrum Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

Tiber Ergür’s “Co-nundrum Title Sequence”

The stark light and enigmatic images of Istanbul director/animator Tiber Ergür’s spec project “Co-nundrum title sequence” pair perfectly with music and sound design by Audio Prozac, aka Polish composer Jakub Tomasz Czech. [Read more]


Eugene and Louise and Creative Conspiracy: “BaDaBoo”

Super clean character design and snappy animation set this teaser for TV and toy brand BaDaBoo apart from the usual fare aimed at preschoolers by staying cute but not cloying. [Read more]