Sonos-Sub-Mini-Product-Film-FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

Sonos Sub Mini Product Film by FutureDeluxe

Following up on their bright and playful work for the Sonos Roam portable smart speaker, the crew at FutureDeluxe just dropped a darker and more mysterious treatment for the audio brand’s new wireless subwoofer. [Watch]

FutureDeluxe Beosound Theatre Soundbar Bang & Olufsen | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Unveil the Beosound Theatre Soundbar for Bang & Olufsen

Director Raj Davsi and the FutureDeluxe design and animation crew translate the aural aptitude of the new Beosound Theatre Soundbar into a visual journey of fantasy and fabric for Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen. [Watch]

BMWi-Oasis-Brand-Films-FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

BMWi Oasis Brand Films by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “TBWA Shanghai and MOD Group approached FutureDeluxe to imagine six unique oasis environments, each one crafted to represent a key part of the BMWi brand.” [Watch]

Sonos Roam FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

New Sonos “Roam” Product Film by FutureDeluxe

The Roam, a colorful mini-monolithic portable smart speaker from Sonos, takes on a playful personality capable of enhancing its environment in this new CG film from the design and animation team at FutureDeluxe. [Watch]

A Fresh Twist on Sustainability for Heineken by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

A Fresh Twist on Sustainability for Heineken by FutureDeluxe

Veteran CG innovators FutureDeluxe have been bending pixels to their will since 2008 and on many groundbreaking projects (see here and here for two of their many hits), their latest is a lovely twist on Heineken’s iconic green bottle. [Watch]

On_Running_Cloud | STASH MAGAZINE

On Running “The Cloud” Product Film by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “Collaborating with Swiss footwear company On Running, we created a series of films showcasing the recent upgrades to their classic shoe The Cloud.” [Watch]