Best of Stash 2020: Title Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2020: Title Design

While the explosion of scripted programming over the last five years has kept title design studios bustling, show opens have also emerged as an important showcase of choice for motion design passion projects. [Watch]

Stash 139 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Asymmetry Online Exhibition trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Asymmetry Online Motion Graphic Exhibition Titles

South Korean director/animator Kim G-ryun and his small team conjure an ominous and hyper-real post-media apocalypse as they create buzz for an online motion graphic exhibition scheduled to go live at in the summer of 2020. [Watch]

H.R. Giger Kim Gryun animated short film titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Using H.R. Giger as a Muse

Kim Gryun, a designer/animator at GIANTSTEP in Seoul, South Korea, responded to the studio’s latest in-house DesignRelay motion study group theme of “H.R. Giger” with this carefully lit and richly detailed take on “Alien.” [Watch]