Stash 146 video preview video | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview All the Projects Included in Stash 146

Get your spring inspiration on with this two-minute trailer of the 31 new design, animation, and VFX projects packed into Stash 146, the latest brilliant addition to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

Jerry.K "Brown Poodle" Music Video By Swim | STASH MAGAZINE

Jerry.K “Brown Poodle (feat. SAZA)” Music Video by Swim

Seoul motion graphics studio swim, who popped onto the Stash radar in the summer of 2020 with this sweet music video, change up the technique and crank the cuteness factor to 11 in this new promo for South Korean musician Jerry.K. [Read more]

DABDA Journey music video | STASH MAGAZINE

DABDA “Journey” Music Video by Swim

The four members of South Korean band DABDA describe their music as “pastel psychedelic” while reviewers categorize them into post-rock and math rock, but no matter the label their exuberant new video by swim studio in Seoul makes for fun viewing. [Read more]