Naked Elephant Long Way Home music video by Reuben Sutherland | STASH MAGAZINE

Naked Elephant “Long Way Home” by Reuben Sutherland

Expanding on the brief for a road trip video, Joyrider director/DOP/VFX artist Reuben Sutherland steers the film into a manic Kodachrome collage with footage sourced at locations across Nevada including the band’s hometown of Las Vegas. [Read more]

Reuben Sutherland and Dan Hayhurst Spin “Social Satan”

UK director/animator Reuben Sutherland and musician Dan Hayhurst (working together as Sculpture) are up to their phenakistoscopic tricks again with their latest lyrically lysergic picture disk called Social Satan. Check out one of their previous vinyl-LP-as-animated-art projects called Rotary Signal Emitter below. [Read more]