Sexy and Surreal: Tame Impala “The Less I Know The Better”

Canada_Tame Impala | STASH MAGAZINE

Directing collective CANADA mix live action, hand-drawn animation and VFX, into a riveting hormonal cocktail for Tame Impala’s latest single “The Less I Know The Better” thru Universal Music Australia. [Read more]

LWZ and Ogris Debris “See The World”


A seamless and mesmerizing scroll of poster-worthy vignettes reveal a complex stream of modern maladies worth multiple viewings in this new animated piece from Vienna design and animation studio LWZ for hometown house/techno stars Ogris Debris. [Read more]

Stay Inspired with STASH 114

If you’ve never experienced The Stash Permanent Collection, now’s the time with a FREE 30-day subscription. Our 114th issue adds another 31 outstanding animation, VFX and motion projects to the planet’s largest online video design library, plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

Money Talks: Darwin Deez “The Mess She Made”

Darwin Deez - The Mess She Made | STASH MAGAZINE

London director Oscar Hudson conjures a wall to wall smile-fest in this video for NYC indie artist Darwin Deez with witty use of what we’re going to call forced-perspective monetary origami. [Read more]

Hideki Inaba: Beatsofreen “Slowly Rising”

Still Rising_Beatsofreen | STASH MAGAZINE

Japanese animator/director Hideki Inaba remixes elements from his recent animated short called “Berg” into a new video of breathtaking organic complexity for the “Slowly Rising” track by Dutch electro artist Beatsofreen. [Read more]

The Slowest (and Funniest) Rube Goldberg Machine Ever

1stAveMachine Slow Berg | STASH MAGAZINE

The crowded Rube Goldberg-inspired video genre gets a much-needed kick in the funny bone from 1stAveMachine director (and Rube Goldberg specialist) Bob Partington who, over the course of six and half weeks, employs molasses, a turtle, melting Popsicles and sprouting grass to create “Slow-Berg.” [Read more]