Tendril: Young Empires “So Cruel” Remix for Molson Coors

Tendril Young Empires Coors | STASH MAGAZINE

Toronto’s Tendril showoff their full in-house toolbox in a interactive music video combining live action, haute design, animation and VFX to intro Molson Coors new Altitude lager thru Rethink. [Read more]

Keith Schofield and Caviar for Joywave “Somebody New”


If you’re as tired of cooler-than-thou skater videos as we are, you’re ready for Keith Schofield‘s new take-the-piss clip for “Somebody New” from Rochester’s Joywave. Make it past the first 50 seconds and things get weird, then progress into absolute madness. [Read more]

Polynoid + Woodblock for Rob Clouth “Islands of Glass”

Woodblock Rob Clouth | STASH MAGAZINE

Polynoid director Jan Bitzer admits he chose to render the video for “Islands of Glass” from Barcelona’s Rob Clouth as a laser installation in a physics lab simply because “that’s what it sounded like.”
[Read more]

Trumpeter Swan “Scout’s Honor” from Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Philips_Trumpeter Swan | STASH MAGAZINE

Full on collision of vintage photographs, futurist motion design and general enigmatic mixed media in this music video directed and edited by Jeremy Phillips with graphics by Tara Clune, JungWoo Lee, and Phillips for “Scout’s Honor” from the New York music project known as Trumpeter Swan. [Read more]

Parallel Teeth vs Randa “Rangers”

Parallel Teeth_Randa | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast director/animator/illustrator Parallel Teeth (aka Robert Wallace) cranks the nerd-pop factor way up for young nerd-pop phenom/beatmaker/rapper and fellow Kiwi Randa. [Read more]

@peace “Gravity” by Frances Haszard and Louis Olsen

Frances Haszard_@Peace Gravity | STASH MAGAZINE

Mundane details and ordinary actions escalate into disturbed and beautiful vignettes in the dream-like world of “Gravity” created by the Aukland, NZ team of animator/filmmaker Louis Olsen and self-taught illustrator/designer Frances Haszard for local hip-hop act @peace. [Read more]