The Liquid Dreams of Hiraoka Masanobu

Hiraoka Masanobu_My New Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Self-taught Tokyo freelance director/animator Hiraoka Masanobu first caught Stash’s attention in September 2012 with his mesmerizing work for video sharing social network Now he’s back with a personal film, a narrative-free, metamorphic liquid-dream that defies prediction and proves relaxing despite its restless pace.
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Stash 112: Dig Into More Brilliant Motion

A non-stop feast of design, animation and VFX, Stash 112 packs another 31 creatively and technically outstanding video projects into the Stash Permanent Collection along with great behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews with the designers, directors and producers behind the work.
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Balls to the Wall: bif and Mill+ go “Green” for Azel Phara

bif_Azel Phara | STASH MAGAZINE

Directing collective bif, aka Jules Janaud and Fabrice Le Nezet, (both seasoned 3D artists in The Mill’s London studio) combine motion capture and procedural animation/rendering to build an full-CG chroma-fest of escalating action for rising Parisian electro artist Azel Phara. [Read more]

Fred Astaire Steals the Show in Fast Romantics “Julia”

Fred Astaire’s groundbreaking rotating set dance number from the 1951 MGM musical comedy Royal Wedding gets a DIY update in this video for “Julia” by Toronto’s Fast Romantics with frontman and director Matthew Angus handing the VFX. [Read more]

Dvein + Trizz: Alagoas “Ghosts”

Dvein_Alagoas Ghosts | STASH MAGAZINE

The Dvein directing crew teams with fellow Barcelonians and CG/VFX specialists Trizz, plus Madrid VFX shop Lanczos to explore the dangers of drinking extraterrestrial psychotropic fluids in this new music video for “Ghosts” from Brooklyn band Alagoas. [Read more]

Youth Experimental Studio: Kool A.D. “Hickory”

Youth Experimental Studio_Kool A.D.

Youth Experimental Studio, a multidisciplinary graphic design firm based in Lima, Peru, roto’s up a fluid and sunny treatment for “Hickory” (Featuring Talib Kweli and Boots Riley) by San Francisco musician/author/artist Kool A.D. [Read more]