See No Evil presents “A Drink with Buck” | STASH MAGAZINE

See No Evil presents “A Drink with Buck” Live Stream Chat

See No Evil recently transformed their popular London mograph meetup into a new series of online live-stream chats called “A Drink with…” and today’s guest is the one and only Buck.

Seek That's About The Size Of It | STASH MAGAZINE

Seek “That’s About The Size Of It” by Buck

From Buck: “A campaign for Seek which encourages us to change the way we look at careers. Set to the playful, ‘That’s About the Size’ by Bud Luckey (an OG Sesame Street song), this is about people at an employment crossroads who use Seek’s ‘know-how’, to navigate through their career confusion. [Watch]

Google The Gap brand video by Buck | STASH MAGAZINE

Buck Narrows “The Gap” for Google Cloud

Creative director Gareth O’Brien and the Buck crew build a compelling case for the power of Google’s Cloud services by turning a client testimonial and dry facts into an abstracted and surprisingly emotional brand film. [Watch]

Bankwest Bryce Tibet animated commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Bryce’s Buckets for Bankwest by Buck

Buck’s Australian crew continue their snappy character work for Bankwest with a new :30. [Watch]

IBM Design Language by Buck | STASH MAGAZINE

“IBM Design Language” x Five by Buck

From Buck: “With the launch of a new visual language, typeface, and robust set of tools, IBM has taken the ambitious step of not only refreshing their brand but reinventing their entire approach to design. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2018 Brand films | STASH MAGAZINE

The Best of Stash 2018: Brand Films

As these 10 projects demonstrate, 2018 was an exceptional year for marketing films not intended for broadcast TV. The budget, talent, and tools may vary but the ambitious engagement and emotional goals do not. [Watch]

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