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Best of Stash 2021: Game Films

From classic cartoon comedy by a Pixar veteran to a nine-minute photoreal post-apocalyptic epic, these eight very different films produced for the gaming industry all feature strong character development and exceptional attention to detail. [Watch]

Stash 148 Drops over Two Solid Hours of Inspiration | STASH MAGAZINE
"Sky: Children of the Light" Nintendo Switch Launch Promo by Evan Viera and Illusorium | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sky: Children of the Light” Nintendo Switch Launch Promo by Evan Viera and Illusorium

In a welcome break from the snark and one-note violence of many game films, LA director Evan Viera and the crew at Illusorium Studios in Madrid deliver a tranquil and panoramic teaser for the Switch release of Sky: Children of Light. [Watch]

Riot League of Legends Legends never Die | STASH MAGAZINE

Passion Animation and ROYGBIV: “Legends Never Die”

Passion Animation Studios directing collective ROYGBIV (Evan Viera and Tommy Wooh) weave three character narratives into a gripping promo for Riot Games’ League of Legends 2017 World Championships. [Watch]


LA Studio ROYGBIV Signs to Passion Animation Studios

From the release: The Los Angeles based animation studio, ROYGBIV has joined Passion Animation Studios. Founders Evan Viera and Tommy Wooh formed ROYGBIV, a collective creating narrative-driven projects, drawing on their individual expertise, knowledge and talent. As directors, Evan is a multi-award winning director whose work has screened in over a hundred festivals worldwide, as […] [Watch]

Charley Pope Aiko | STASH MAGAZINE

Evan Viera and Charley Pope: “AIKO” Teaser

Undaunted after pitching their animated drama series “AIKO” to reluctant networks around LA, creators Evan Viera and Charley Pope committed to develop this atmospheric proof-of-concept teaser about “a young girl who discovers a well of mystical power within herself that she neither wants nor understands.” [Watch]