Golden Wolf_Doomsayers | STASH MAGAZINE

Golden Wolf + Omar Salazar for Doomsayers

Shoreditch animation prodco Golden Wolf sweep you into the world of pro skater Omar Salazar in a 24-second blast of extreme 2D madness for streetwear retailers Doomsayers. Audio by The Confederate Dead. [Read more]

Golden Wolf: Nike “Genealogy of Innovation”

Spot your favorite childhood sneaks in this animated tour thru 43 years years of Nike history showcasing 200 shoes in two minutes courtesy of I Love Dust sister company Golden Wolf in London. Produced directly for Nike EHQ. [Read more]

Golden Wolf Born from a Love of Dust

Ingi Erlingsson, CD at Golden Wolf in London: “After 5 years of working within I Love Dust as their motion department, we’ve broken away and are now our own (albeit related) entity.”
[Read more]

Golden Wolf: MC Fitti ‘Whatsapper’

Golden Wolf, the London collective of artist/directors (signed with Partizan) just dropped us this infectious confection for German rapper MC Fitti. Golden Wolf producer Ant Baena: “The biggest problem we faced was delivering a full length animated music video in three weeks and within the budget. We have to [Read more]