Afterman Tsvetelina Zdraveva Jerred North

NOMINT Sign Directing Duo Afterman for Worldwide Representation

From the release: Once in a blue moon, an animation team appears on the scene seemingly out of nowhere, coming with such a force and unique point of view that makes it impossible to look away. Today we are really excited to announce that Afterman has joined NOMINT for worldwide representation. [Watch]

Ged Sia animation director NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Lithuanian Animation Director and PetPunk Co-Founder Ged Sia Joins NOMINT Roster

From the Release: Ged Sia, also known as Gediminas Šiaulys, has officially joined the NOMINT family for worldwide commercial representation. [Watch]


Henrique Barone Signs to NOMINT Roster for US Representation

From the release: We’re thrilled to announce that after years of our most persuasive courtship, the acclaimed animation director Henrique Barone is finally joining NOMINT for commercial representation in the United States. [Watch]

Stash Magazine issue 157 | STASH MAGAZINE
WWF-A-Flammable-Planet--by-NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Stop-Motion Fire Engulfs “A Flammable Planet” for WWF

NOMINT follows up their 2021 WWF stop-motion ice spot with an even more improbable go with fire in this global campaign designed to raise awareness about the danger of wildfires caused by climate change. [Watch]

Rocketpanda-signs-with-Nomint | STASH MAGAZINE

NOMINT Welcomes Rocketpanda to its 2D Roster for US/UK Representation

From the release: NOMINT welcomes celebrated studio Rocketpanda to its roster of 2D directors for US/UK representation. Rocketpanda is an animation studio based in Verona, northern Italy. Celebrated for their beautiful 2D technique, the studio creates emotive and surprising films for brands around the world. [Watch]