Letter, Lotus and Legend by superdesigners | STASH MAGAZINE

“Letter, Lotus and Legend” by Superdesigners

The crew at superdesigners in Moscow just dropped us their latest passion project, a four-month odyssey into the creative process that weaves “the martial grace of the samurai with the textures and fabrics of a hi-tech clothing brand.” [Read more]

Animated Coat of Arms of Moscow by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE
Budweiser ReCup Arena by superdesigners | STASH MAGAZINE

Budweiser “ReCup Arena” by Superdesigners

From superdesigners in Moscow: “The 2018 FIFA World Cup left many unforgettable moments in its wake… plus three million plastic Budweiser cups. [Read more]

imat Material Exploration brand film by | STASH MAGAZINE

imat-uve “Material Exploration” Brand Film

Directors Vincent Schwenk and Vitaly Grossmann team with Moscow studio Superdesigners to create a striking abstract 3D brand film for German design and engineering company imat-uve. [Read more]

Superdesigners Garage Gallery The Other Trans-Atlantic | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Other Trans-Atlantic” Exhibition Teaser

Young Russian studio Superdesigners just arrived on the Stash radar with this submission: the meticulous and austere CG promo for an exhibition of kinetic and op art at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. [Read more]